About Balboa Tax & Accounting Services

Balboa Tax & Accounting Services specializes in accounting services and tax strategies for dental professionals. Working with us is different because we understand the financial challenges of the dental industry and offer accounting services and tax solutions matched to your needs. We'll show you how to manage your finances more efficiently, track expenses with ease, and stay on top of your bookkeeping. We'll also create a plan to reduce tax exposure so you can maximize profits for your practice and increase your personal wealth. Our accounting firm teams up with a wide variety of dentists including oral surgeons, orthodontists, independent dental contractors, and many more.

Are you finances ready for a checkup? Call us at 949-999-5000 today or request your free consultation online to find out how we can help you save money on taxes and keep your books up to date.

Mohsen Khodaverdi, Partner, EA, Financial Advisor, Certified Tax Coach

Mohsen Khodaverdi

Mohsen Khodaverdi has an extensive background in taxation and has been providing accounting services for over 20 years. Originally from Iran, Mohsen moved to the United States in 2014 and later was appointed as an Enrolled Agent by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). As a federally licensed tax professional, Mohsen prides himself on adhering to high ethical standards and is able to represent taxpayers in any state.

To extend his tax planning expertise even further, he became a Certified Tax Coach (CTC) with the American Institute of Certified Tax Coaches. Certified Tax Coaches are committed to uncovering hard-to-find deductions and legal loopholes to dramatically reduce taxes.

Armed with this unique education, Mohsen specializes in creating proactive tax planning strategies for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and high net worth individuals.

Mohsen lives with his wife and two children in Irvine, CA.

Kevin Dong, Partner, Tax & Accounting Manager

Kevin Dong

Kevin Dong began his career in public accounting where he quickly rose to become an expert in bookkeeping, tax preparation and more. His energy, entrepreneurial spirit, and passion for accounting led him to start his own business. At Balboa Tax & Accounting Services, Kevin consults in business development, train and recruit staff and provide a wide range of accounting services.

Kevin received his Bachelor of Business Administration from California State University at Fullerton in 2014.

Brandon Johnson, Partner, CPA, Certified Tax Coach

Brandon Johnson

Brandon grew up in a small town in Washington state along the Oregon border - a beautiful national scenic area known as The Gorge.

Brandon graduated from Portland State University with a Bachelor's degree in Accounting back in 2013, where he also completed the Army ROTC program. He is a Certified Public Accountant and Certified Tax Coach who has worked with business owners for almost a decade. Brandon is also a Captain in the Oregon Army National Guard and is approaching his 20 year retirement there.

Today he is focused on helping small to Mid-Size Business owners be more profitable and pay less tax. He enjoys helping people and showing them things that will improve their finances and their lives. He is a father and a husband, who is married to a beautiful immigrant from China that he met in college.